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ServiceCloud enhances customer experiences with customer service, self-service, and social channel engagement.

·Connect various channels such as phone, e-mail, web chat as well as SNS.
·Suggest the best solution to the customer by knowledge search feature.
·Escalate critical issues automatically to help you make quick decisions.


*Image source: salesforce.com

다양한 채널 및 디바이스 지원
· 웹, 이메일, 전화, 채팅, SNS, 커뮤니티 등 옴니채널 지원      
· 채널 및 디바이스에 제한없이 일관된 응대
· 고객/파트너 커뮤니티를 이용한 서비스 접수 및 지식공유

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Support customers across a variety of channels and devices.
· Omni channel support including web, email, phone, chat, SNS, community
· Consistent responses regardless of channels and devices
· Receive service request and share knowledge using customer/partner communities

Manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
· Define SLA by customer and product
· Manage the entire process including customer response, notification and escalation process
· Service performance measurement and issue management using dashboard/report

Inquiry management
· Assign inquiries automatically to the appropriate person according to contact type
· Notifications and Guides to available Agents
· Share service progress in real time with your customers.

Easy access to information
· Business-optimized customer service environment (dedicated console)
· Provide information (customer profile and service history) for quick and accurate issue judgment
· Provide solutions using the knowledge base

Call Center System

Call center system for customer service
· Integration of existing customer's telephone and call center system
· Integration of Cloud-based call center system
· Various customization in conjunction with Salesforce Open CTI

Inbound / Outbound
· Provide information pop-up on the call
· Outbound Dialer with campaign list
· Call-back notification

Call history management
· Automation of call history and voice recording management
· Provide exclusive management view for Supervisor
· Real-time status analysis through reports/dashboards


*Image source: salesforce.com

SNS Channel Integration

We can help you to reinforce customer relationship management through integrated service channel such as SMS, LMS, Kakaotalk, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


*Image source: salesforce.com

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CommunityCloud helps you to build a community for everyone critical to your business such as customers, partners, and employees.

· Customers can interact with each other, provide feedback, share their enthusiasm for your brand and product, and even purchase in the community.
· A Partner Community connects resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales.
· Enabling employees to find the information they need keeps them engaged and productive.

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