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Cloud Platform & Infra

Lightning Platform

The lightning platform enables you to customize and extend your CRM solution.

· Build apps with a rich library of easily configurable components that let you create pages and responsive apps by simply dragging and dropping.
· AppExchange has thousands of business apps pre-integrated with Salesforce and designed for everything from sales to service to ERP.


*Image source: salesforce.com

Genesys Purecloud

With the cloud-based call center system, you can use the call center functions by log-on without system installation.

· Provide call center functions such as ACD  Call, IVR, Recording, Outbound Campaign, etc.

· Enhance a experience of customer and agent through omni-channel desktop integrating various channels into one UI.
· Choose from 1 agent to the number of agents you want to and adjust a number of agents according to peak time.
· Interlocked with Salesforce and can be used as a plug-in.


ACD: Automated Call Distributor

IVR: Interactive Voice Response

*Image source: genesys.com


The Cisco Meraki portfolio is centrally managed from an intuitive interface. The dashboard enables customers to reduce operating costs and rapidly implement IT infrastructures.

· Offers Wireless LAN, Security, Switch, and CCTV products.
· Real-time monitoring through dashboards helps you solve network problems quickly.
· Set and manage network configuration at once such as wireless connectivity, security, and remote VPN access for all your devices.


*Image source meraki.com

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